My family’s presence in the Glens Falls area dates back to about 1870 when my great grandmother moved here with her children, one of whom was my grandfather, George F. Bayle, Sr. As a result, I grew up hearing stories about the Glens Falls – Queensbury area.

My father, Francis Bayle, was an avid amateur photographer, family historian and Adirondack enthusiast. I came by my interest in the area from him and always thought that when I retired I would try to do something with his photographs and stories.

About 1997, I started to sell prints of some of my dad’s Glens Falls – Lake George area pictures as well as the Adirondack photos. One of the places where they were for sale was the Chapman Historical Museum in Glens Falls. There I got interested in and worked on the Corners Project. This involved researching Glens Falls history and from this, my co-authors and I came to author the three Glens Falls books you see on this web site.

An Adirondack Portfolio came about because people who had seen my dad’s Adirondack pictures always spoke highly of them and urged me to do something with them. Finally, in 2015, I decided to do the book and I completed it in June of 2016.

Along the way, I made photo notecards from some of my dad’s pictures and sold them as well as the prints. Since I had an interest in photography, I started selling notecards and prints of some of my pictures as well.